Sunday, December 6, 2015

Elephants, Continued and New Pens!

Ok, Everyone, first, I went to my first stamp show in October--it was amazing. So many awesome paper crafting supplies that I could look at in person everywhere. My mom and I went to York, PA for the Heirloom Festival. I picked up a bunch of cool things, but I also was able to buy individual Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens to supplement my 12 pack. I carefully chose based on what I already had. I firmly believe in mixing these to make more colors, but it just seemed easier to nab a few more colors with tones that might be hard to easily make with the set of 12. I show these below. Let me know if you want to know a color's name or number and can't see it. 

Now, when I colored the elephant I made on the card I showed in my last post, I had two trial runs that I decided to share below. The first one I liked but decided I didn't want the blue color on the final card. I may still use that elephant on an upcoming card. The other I used water with the pens and liked, but with its sketchy washy-ness, it just didn't work for the card I was working on which I was determined to do without cutting out the elephant. 

When I came home from the stamp show I just had to break out my new pens immediately. I started out by coloring a few stamped images, but found myself wanting to color one more elephant. In the last image shown here, I ink blended the background and used the watercolor pens to color in the elephant and balloons. Not sure what will happen to this panel yet, but I'm generally pleased with the results, some bleeding notwithstanding. 


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