Sunday, September 21, 2014

If you are gonna make a dumb comment at least offer to help. OR At least he didn't say, "There's an app for that."

Howdy, Dear Readers,

Scroll down for today's comic, but first, I'm excited to announce two new items in my etsy shop! Two beaded cross necklaces! Check 'em out! 

The Theodosia:

The Constantia

And on to the comic! 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Maybe I'd have better results if I actually drank some of the wine I've been collecting...

Handbarrow, harpooner, chaperone, harbinger, hairband—all words OpenOffice thought were the correct spelling of habanero...whatever that means...



Monday, September 1, 2014

I guess I do miss Conky! He got me through some tough times!

Dearest Readers,

I'm changing it up this week! I wanted to work on some other art projects this week, it is Labor Day, and it has been too long since I got medieval, so I decided to do some drawing and sketching.

So, what medieval was I to draw? I kept thinking about what my dad said about Conky (see the bottom of last week's post.)

Conky is my logo, but he gets no play! 

See his first appearance in my comic here where he looked like this:

His second time, he looked like this:

He cleaned up a bit for our date in his last character driven appearance: 

The real medieval art that inspired him is the tympanum at Conques

Today I drew him in pencil, 

in brush pen,

and digitally.

Then, I thought, hey, if he becomes a recurring character, he may need some clothes, and then I thought, maybe his clothes could promote something really cool happening in Baltimore! Check out the Thunder Grunt Podcast Network! And while you're at it, like the network on the Facebooks

I also decided to draw a bit from this lovely piece: a 13th century tempera on wood painting: Scenes from the Life of Christ: Arrest of Christ, Christ in Limbo; Descent from the Cross, Preparation of Christ’s Body for His Entombment at the MET. The title is off, but if you want this as a poster, it can be yours!

I figured this guy could be a buddy (or pet?) of Conky's, so I drew him in pencil,

in marker, 

and digitally. 

When I went to draw him digitally, I decided to keep the columns from the original image as with the pencil drawing and couldn't help but think the drawing would make a good insanely strange medieval ad. Now, I just hope the Thunder Grunter's don't mind! 

See you next week, and Happy Labor Day,