Sunday, December 22, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly moment of Re-imagining Art Forms...

Howdy, readers! No regular comic this week (holiday activities plus the bandaged thumb), but enjoy a sneak peak at the next postcard I'm working on for my etsy store.

But, first, I just want to share a really cool work of art I came across this week at my new job. Check out Triptyque (Triptych) by Georges Vantongerloo. Look at the rest of the "Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925" exhibition site, too. There are some amazing works and a book, too! I'm not an expert on modernism in the slightest, so a triptych in this style seemed amazing. However, according to this page on the Centre Pompidou's site written by Noémie Giard
Triptychs are nevertheless common among De Stijl artists, who see them as a way of combining instant perception and the time element associated with a story. The structure and arrangement also alters the way in which the work and the wall – and the way in which the viewer and the work – interact...'Despite the variety of interpretations, triptychs remain for De Stijl the instrument that hovers between art and architecture, and between identity and repetition; the one that denotes the limits of transfer, a threshold that shuffles the identity-related conceptions of painting. Ultimately, it appears as the way of articulating the material and spiritual worlds, the realm of reality and a new form of representation.' (Frédéric Migayrou, De Stijl path exhibition curator, “Dossier 5. Triptyques”, De Stijl Catalogue, p.98.)
Ok, on to the postcard! This work is unfinished, but it's my take on a detail from folio 26 v of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

I'll hopefully finish this piece in the new year, but in the meantime here's a little reminder of what my other postcards look like:

Is there a manuscript image you'd like to see me adapt? Please, let me know for my next set of 4!

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm not so good at identifying objects, so I guess it's good that the words “written in stone” are also written in stone...

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Also, wow, things just keep trying to prevent me from drawing! This weekend I cut my right thumb pretty badly and can't really use it, so we'll see how next week goes...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Instead of a “share” button, there should be a “WTF” button...

Hiatus News: Looks like my tech problems are close to solved, but my back is still iffy. I'll try to keep updating regularly...we'll see how it goes! Thanks for your support, everyone! 

Don't forget! Some medieval-y postcards would be awesome as holiday gifts! Check out my etsy shop where the coupon code 2014Holidays (guess I'm really excited about the New Year?) will get you 20% off from now until the end of the year! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Question Is: Why does this company think I'm rich?

Hiatus News: This week I have a short comic that I hand-lettered--wow, that's been years! With any luck I'll be able to at least keep that up or some sketches, but we shall see! Thanks for your support!

Don't forget! Some medieval-y postcards would be awesome as holiday gifts! Check out my etsy shop where the coupon code 2014Holidays (guess I'm really excited about the New Year?) will get you 20% off from now until the end of the year! 


Sunday, November 24, 2013

All the while classic soft rock was playing pretty loudly...OR By the end of the session I wanted liquid carry out, too!


Thinking that some medieval-y postcards would be awesome as holiday gifts? Check out my etsy shop where the coupon code 2014Holidays (guess I'm really excited about the New Year?) will get you 20% off from now until the end of the year! 

Less exciting news: It looks like I may be taking somewhat of a hiatus on posting new comics. The combination of my computer gasping for breath and my continued inability to sit for sustained periods is making creating acceptable finished products incredibly difficult. Plus the holidays and some personal things...anyway, I hope to have some new energy and new hardware very soon! I'll try to post whenever I can in the next month or so and will keep you updated. Thanks so much for reading and for your support! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yeah, this is pretty much my actual Facebook feed lately OR My Cold Heart Grew Ten Sizes This Week...

Plus, two fun bonuses!  Dr. A's take on the same subject! And an early comic work by yours truly from who knows when that my mom found and gave to me...just what you needed to get into the holiday spirit...


Sunday, November 10, 2013

"If there'd been music, too, I woulda thrown myself from the bus..."

A comic collaboration! Featuring my paraphrasing and arrangement, S.A.'s hilarious story, and Dr. A's awesome art work!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pain Scale OR This is a completely accurate depiction of the last week and a half of my life.

Howdy, Folks! I appreciate your patience as I slowly recover from being laid up from a really bad round of sciatica! Definitely on the mend, but wow, being flat in bed for a week sure gave me some much needed perspective!

Thanks to everyone who was super helpful and kind!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two Awesome Guest Comics by the Amazing Charlie!

Hopefully,  I'll be able to draw for next week, but this week of being laid up is not quite over yet! --LJE

Don't forget to visit my etsy store for cool stuff like this! Looking good!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Simpler Times OR Never lose your socks again!

Ugh! Rough week for drawing what with the waterfall over my desk and a resurgence of intense back pain! Thank goodness for Patient First!

Some notes:

Come support me my friend Angel this coming weekend at the Punk Rock Flea Market at Metro Gallery from 12-5pm! You can see some of this awesome stuff  the stuff I would have sold if I wasn't laid up at my etsy store and more. If you're interested in jewelry and other cool stuff, hit up Angel at 

Come support Hope you supported my cousin tonight 
Sunday at the Night of the Living Zeb at the Windup Space at 9pm. 

And thanks again to Jess D. for another great comic idea! Happy Birthday, Lady! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who doesn't love routine? OR Maybe I should stop letting my cat sleep on my backpack..

Note: My computer has not been feeling too well, and my tablet is having sympathy pains, so I may have a few weeks of marker and brush pen drawings! I had a lot of fun doing today's--it's nice to draw on paper for a change! Haven't been doing it enough.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

My fortune cookie said, "You need to do some cardio."

Woke up with terrible wrist pain today! :-( So, here's a quick brush pen comic about something that happened exactly like this yesterday...give or take. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

At least this comic isn't about food…It's about CATS!

The Book of Lael presents Cats, Cats, and More Cats!...a board game! 

A silly change of pace which was originally planned for my abandoned NYC weekend. I really did plan this out so it should work...well, in the way it was designed to work! If anyone actually gives it a try, let me know!

Here are the rules for Cats, Cats, and More Cats! (Coming not so soon to a game night near you!)

Number of Players: 2-4


Each player rolls the cats die to determine the number of cats she/he has. After rolling, each player collects the number of tokens to match her/his roll (hope you have a lot of pennies sitting around!). The player with the most cats goes first.

Roll the standard die to determine how many spaces forward the player's first cat will move. The player then follows the instructions on the landing space.

Once a player gets 1 of her/his cats to the finish line, his next cat can start advancing around the board.

If you land on a Naptime! space, just relax until your next turn. 

A cat can’t move back farther than the finish line and half a cat rounds up! You do not have to roll an exact number to cross the finish line. (That would just be cruel!) Once a cat crosses the finish line, it no longer counts towards the player’s total number of cats.

Good luck! You'll need it! 


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cheating under the Circumstances...

Note: Just a quick FYI, next week's comic will be posted on Monday instead of Sunday! 

Earlier this week I made the executive decision that given the recent family emergency I need a break. So, today I present you with some sketches from the past week (Yes, low quality, I may rescan properly later). The more finished ones many of you may have already seen on Facebook, but I wanted to post them here, too. Several people told me I should draw more animals or have a comic with animals. Let me know what you think! At the bottom, I include two sketches which seem to be from late 2010...the last time I'd used this particular sketch book!

Thanks for your understanding,

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I interrupt my regularly scheduled post...

I can't begin to thank everyone for all of their wonderful help and support this week.  I can't believe how generous everyone has been:

I bagged my regular comic for the week, and drew how I've come to see my cousin Zeb this week. Guess it's no surprise to anyone that I went medieval! Zeb, YOU ARE CRAZY AMAZING!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The best card I had all night was “My Personality,” but I had no way of knowing it would be competing against Batman! (Apparently, no one is cooler than Batman!)

Apologies to Paul Cézanne, Pierre Louis Dumesnil the Younger, Richard Caton Woodville, Lucas van Leyden, Georges de la Tour, and David Teniers II, respectively. 

I joined Twitter (@lael_j)! Look forward to sketches! 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Independence Day, and by that I mean enjoy some pun-erific guest comics while I lounge on the couch in an expression of my freedom!

Howdy, Ladies and Gents. Today I post three guest comics I commissioned at a bbq by the awesome up-and-coming comics artist Charlie Martin. He is art school bound this fall, and I am sure, will have more comics to share with us in the future!

PS. Guess which one reminds me of a famous Mt. Sinai icon...

I joined Twitter (@lael_j)! Look forward to sketches! 

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