Monday, September 2, 2013

At least this comic isn't about food…It's about CATS!

The Book of Lael presents Cats, Cats, and More Cats!...a board game! 

A silly change of pace which was originally planned for my abandoned NYC weekend. I really did plan this out so it should work...well, in the way it was designed to work! If anyone actually gives it a try, let me know!

Here are the rules for Cats, Cats, and More Cats! (Coming not so soon to a game night near you!)

Number of Players: 2-4


Each player rolls the cats die to determine the number of cats she/he has. After rolling, each player collects the number of tokens to match her/his roll (hope you have a lot of pennies sitting around!). The player with the most cats goes first.

Roll the standard die to determine how many spaces forward the player's first cat will move. The player then follows the instructions on the landing space.

Once a player gets 1 of her/his cats to the finish line, his next cat can start advancing around the board.

If you land on a Naptime! space, just relax until your next turn. 

A cat can’t move back farther than the finish line and half a cat rounds up! You do not have to roll an exact number to cross the finish line. (That would just be cruel!) Once a cat crosses the finish line, it no longer counts towards the player’s total number of cats.

Good luck! You'll need it! 


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