Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Table Decoration/Photo Album/Scrapbook

Dear Readers,

I had this idea to sort of try out a bunch of card designs and save the trials. Then, the idea bloomed into a great idea! Why not combine the card designs with family photos and make a mini scrap book! And why not make it as something I can pull out and set on the dining room table during the Christmas season? With only 24 5x7 sheets available (only 12 which face front) in this nifty frame I bought on Amazon, I decided to carefully curate and make this album about Christmases with Dr. A. 

While testing out my card designs I discovered that the glitter paper I had chosen to work with would not be tenable for actual cards, so I decided to use it generously here when I had album sheets to contain it. I even reused parts of some old store bought Christmas cards I never sent which now had damaged corners. 

I love the finished product so much, I think because it also reminds me of a frame like this at my grandma's house that I used to always look through as a child. 

I love you, Dr. A. So happy to spend another Christmas with you, part of my chosen family! 


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