Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Overcoming My Fear of Envelopes (Yes, envelopes.)

Okay, Gang, this post may seem really really silly. But, even though I had bought a Martha Stewart Mini Scoring Board months ago, I could not bring myself to try to make an envelope (I know a lot of people use this envelope punch board). The directions on the back seemed like gibberish (of course, I didn't really look that closely), and I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of not getting it right. Sure, now I think it's pretty easy, but I am posting this just in case there are any other newbie crafters out there who think to themselves, "Making an envelope must be too hard for me--I'm an idiot." If I help one person feel less like an idiot, it will have been worth it!

So, here's a super step-by-step explanation:

Ok, the back of the board looks like this. It tells you what to do to make different sized envelopes.

I selected 4 bar and cut my card stock down to the appropriate size listed on the back of the board with my paper trimmer.

Then, I lined up my card stock on the board so that the edges matched up to the dotted lines for the correct size envelope. (Feeling Like an Idiot Moment # 1: I initially cut the paper the wrong size by mistake and couldn't figure out why it wasn't fitting inside the lines.)

Then, I attempted to follow the directions and score the paper at the correct lines for a 4 bar sized envelope. I messed up. (Feeling Like an Idiot Moment # 2) I knew it wasn't right because the board said I should have creased triangles, and I did not.

Ok, I cut a new sheet of card stock and tried again. I don't think I was following the correct lines to score the first time. Use the lines with the arrows, guys. The arrows! Wow, I am easily confused.

Then, I cut out the creased triangles.  (Feeling Like an Idiot Moment # 3: I didn't realize that there were 4 of these rather than 2 and couldn't figure out what was wrong.)

I folded the envelope on the score lines.

I applied adhesive to finish the construction process.

So, looking back, this was not complicated in the slightest, but there was just something about all the lines on the board that just threw me for an idiot loop (both in lacking confidence and in messing up). But, if I've learned anything from paper crafting, it's that you can always use a new piece of paper. It's okay to start over with a new piece of paper.

Update: Well after I had initially written this post, I saw this brilliant post from the Frugal Crafter where she illustrates a method she learned from a fellow artist to make an envelope any size without a template. We can do this, everyone! We can make paper to transport other paper from one place to another!


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