Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Markers and a...wait, what? a super tiny COMIC!!!

Ok, everyone, I am interrupting the regularly scheduled post of month old paper crafting for this--I got a set of 12 Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pens for my birthday from Dr. A. Every YouTube crafter has been going on and on about how great they are for months. Basically, they are watercolor markers with actual brush tips. If you are interested in learning more, I'd recommend this video by Jennifer Maguire

I show the first image which clearly looks like a child drew it because it is just another tiny step in my gaining confidence to try free hand drawing again. The second image is a tiny comic. It was a status I had intended to post on Facebook earlier today, but when I decided I wanted to try out my new markers, I added some slight illustrations. 

In a lot of ways this blog is an autobiography of my artistic journey. I may be skipping ahead a bit, but I just couldn't help sharing how nice it feels to not dread lifting up a marker--those of you who have followed for a long time will understand this. It's not even just that I did it, but that it was one of my first thoughts when I opened the pens and started coloring. The smooth and beautiful glide made just coloring feel too confining.

I think I still feel more in my element with paper crafting, but it's nice to do other things, too. I don't think I'll really be returning to comics often, but as I said when I decided to quit, quitting a weekly comic doesn't mean I can't post one when the mood strikes. 


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