Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finding the Courage to Put Brush to Paper...

Howdy, Readers, 

In my last post I mentioned that I tried out water coloring a stamped image. It didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped, and I had to scrap a bunch of the images I was working on. However, watching so many paper crafting videos where water coloring is so popular, I began to feel that maybe I could try to water color again--maybe it wouldn't be so hard. I used to love water color, but I hadn't had the courage for 13 years. 

Here, I used cheap water color pencils, and drew several images from three photographs I'd taken in the last few years. You may or may not know that I take photographs of trees, mostly damaged trees. I have included here the original photos and my water colors. 

I don't think these are the greatest paintings--I should have used tape to hold down the paper and way less water. For the sunset painting I actually used cotton balls instead of a brush. I show the before water version here, as well. 

But for my first time out in so long, I am just so happy I tried. I know I sound like a broken record, but this journey of the last 6 or so months has been amazing. How wonderful it was to come home and instead of feeling dread, I felt excited and relaxed to paint. I've been so inspired, and I've learned so much. 

When I quit my comic in February, I noted that I dreaded drawing. I never thought I'd want to do anything even close again, and now, here I am happily and calmly picking up pencils and a brush. I feel free and alive and creative and inspired. And best of all? Those of you who have seen my free hand drawings will see that these still have a hint of my style. Paper crafting is giving me so much, including confidence to try new things--the confidence to not be too afraid to try or to not beat myself up when I lift that brush. 

As always, thanks for coming along down this path with me and listening to my story through art,

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