Monday, July 20, 2015

Artscape 2015: Baltimore Pride Edition

Howdy, Readers,

Today I give my photographic review of  my personal experience at Artscape 2015. Traditionally, Artscape is my favorite event weekend of the year--this year being no exception. Friday night was the most temperate night of Artscape I have ever experienced while Saturday was the normal above 90 degree sweltering. You'll see I took some photos of the same items after dark on Friday and again on Saturday.

Favorite Vendor Booths

As with recent years, there were more booths returning to actual art and crafts and, in my opinion, an increase in woodworking.

Moongirl Paper Works (paper art)

Renata Mastroti Pottery (pottery)

Drawn Metal Studios (wire metal sculpture)

Andrus Stoneware (pottery)

Fernworks (jewelry)

Printemps Pottery (pottery)


Moved to the University of Baltimore this year, Gamescape did not disappoint. From Nintendo and Sega nostalgia to video game bands to the Oculus Rift, it was quite a treat.

Virtually reality from designer Cole Pritchard and artist/programmer Karen M. Chang was amazing. My partner in crime for the evening had a wonderful time.

Street Art and Music

As always, there were a lot of amazing works on the street, in the grass, and on the bridge by Penn Station.

Favorite Art Car of the Year:

Storm Drain Mural at Charles and Lafayette:

Misty Mountain Royals:

Admittedly, I managed not to attend that many of the great music events happening this weekend, but I did catch some of the amazing video game magic that took place on the LED billboard by the Charles Street Bridge.

I also did catch a bit of Rob Fearless of Save Your Soul on the Station North stage on Friday night. 

BROcean City, MD, featuring the Rock Opera 6-Pack

For you out-of-towners, BROS stands for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. They took up an entire parking lot this year with amazing nods to the Boardwalk at Ocean City, MD, as well as side stages with bands and other shows (see the awesome puppet show below!), as well as a large tent featuring the rock operas from their spring show 6-Pack. 

Thanks, Artscape for a wonderful weekend. As always I saw a lot of amazing things, but missed a lot of performances and other art. There's just that much to see and to do! But, I felt the Baltimore pride every moment. Here's to art in all its forms! Until next July, my love!


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