Sunday, January 25, 2015

I made more stuff with paper...

Once again, feeling pretty indebted to Mixed Method and this LawnFawn video. As with the items in last week's post, it was fun and exciting to just get out there (to my desk) and experiment and practice. Here are 4 small journals I made this week:

When I first opened a box of tiny card stock I hadn't used in awhile, a photo booth strip fell out of the box. Not sure how photos of my bestie and I celebrating our 30th's got in there, but I used one of the photos for the cover of this journal. 

For this journal I cut out out a small piece from a mailer I received from the Walters Art Museum. The image is from a work featured in the show From Pen to Press: Experimentation and Innovation in the Age of Print. I can tell you first hand that this show is wonderful. 

Then, I did some geometric dabbling. 

I truly had a lot of fun making these. And wow, much easier now that the paper trimmer I ordered arrived! Not sure how I lived without that. 

Until next time,

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