Sunday, January 11, 2015

Book of Lael Contest Results!!! AND I did eventually binge watch Sleepy Hollow, in case you were worried. Also, I took a lot of showers. I really like showers.

Howdy, Everyone!

Here I present a real not live comic for you, but first...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the  Book of Lael CONTEST! And the winner is....M(r)s M3/PhD! You have won any item from my etsy shop!

In order of appearance the cutouts were inspired by:

Book of Durrow, f. 21v

Walters W.554 (9th century Qur'ān manuscript), f. 27b and Walters W.554 (9th century Qur'ān manuscript), f. 65a

Book of Dimma, f. 30r. The Evangelist Mark

Echternach Gospels, f. 18v

Lindisfarne Gospels, f. 26v

On to the comic!

Some of you may remember this comic from April of 2013 in which I went completely insane during a mini-staycation. A year and half later and things have not changed very much...


  1. lol--is that you in your bathrobe? My staycation wardrobe generally consists of pj pants, tshirt, bathrobe, slippers, +/- a sweatshirt, and an afghan wrapped around my waist ancient Sumerian style. ;-)

    1. That sounds wonderful. I wore my pjs continuously for most of a week!