Sunday, November 2, 2014

An Arty, Halloweeny, and Yummy Weekend in NYC ( the three -Y's?)!!!

Okay, Ladies and Gents, I'll admit, this really isn't a comic, but it is a bunch of cool arty things I saw during my weekend in the Big Piece of Round Red Fruit (I suppose this will be sort of reminiscent of the posts on the short-lived On the Side after Five--perhaps I'll consider a revival). A new comic next week, most likely replete with self-deprecating hilarity and strange everyday encounters.

Right as I got off the bus, I was treated with this lovely art installation--plastic bags on metal fence. Couldn't find more info about this yet--let me know if you know more about it! 

When I arrived at my friend's Harlem apartment, I couldn't help but snap a quick shot of her old fireplace. I love noticing the details at friend's apartments.

I had a lovely brunch with dr. ks. (you'll remember her from lots of my comics, but if you missed it, see her guest comic from earlier this year), and I was in love with the bowl/plate (?) for my omelet. It's the kind of brunch experience that makes me want to get into clay. If you're in need of brunch in Harlem, I do recommend Lido

After brunch my medievalist companion and I ventured to the Morgan Library and Museum to see the Morgan Crusader Bible. The show runs through January 4, 2015, and is definitely worth the admission price. From the site: "Before the manuscript is rebound visitors will have the opportunity to view over forty of its miniatures, the work of six anonymous artists who were the artistic geniuses of their day." For those of you who are not manuscript nerds, this means that unlike when a book like this is normally on display and you can only see the open pages, "over forty of its miniatures" are on display! A very rare opportunity when a book gets taken apart and displayed before being put back together. The show itself was gorgeously designed and the displays very helpful for the non-initiate. Having never seen this manuscript in person before, I was floored to realize how much most reproductions of the folios flatten the pages and deny the gold leaf. I'm only sad I didn't get to see the folio which inspired one of my postcards. If you can't make it to NYC, or even if you can, the online exhibition is spectacular!

Later that evening dr. ks. and I stumbled across a wonderful pumpkin/Halloween display in the hallway across from The Bar Downstairs

Finally, my friend Steph and I had dinner at New Wonjo Restaurant before I caught my train. I regret not being able to get a better shot of this piece above our table, but it was crazy crowded. Absolutely love this piece of art. 

Okay, everyone, thanks for reading! See you next week.


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