Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm still alive! (She said while hacking up a lung...)

Well, I suppose I could blame disappearing again on the holidays, world events, my Visual Resources Association conference paper, and/or my engagement. I really can't go with winter since we didn't really have one in Baltimore. I'm only working on this now because I'm too sick to make anything but well enough and sick enough of TV that this seemed like a good activity. I'd like to promise to do better over the next few months, but with wedding planning that is probably not super realistic (I'm engaged, dearest Readers!).

So what's been happening with me craftwise? Still been making a lot of stuff, and I finally started heat embossing. Unlike last time I made a whole bunch of back posts, this time I'm just lumping things together by holiday/sentiment. I could do a bunch of separate posts for all of my Christmas crafts, but that's feeling a bit over to me as spring takes hold.

What to look forward to? I will be making my own wedding invitations, so I'll be excited to share those when the time comes. Also, I've been working on a large group of encouragement cards for women that I started in early March, so hopefully those will be ready to share soon.

I'm also going to start adding my work to Pinterest, so come find me there! 



  1. Phew! Kudos to you for doing your own wedding invites!!

  2. Say that after they're finished. ;-)