Sunday, October 25, 2015

4th Time's the Charm with this Birthday Card...

Well, Readers, I have missed a huge number of posts! I feel terribly about it because I've had a lot of material ready to go, but haven't taken the time or energy to actually write the posts. I've been busy in general, but also more interested in making paper art than in making blog posts. To be totally honest, it's the linking that I can't bear to do. I might start posting without that information and then filling it in later. If you want any information that isn't listed, please just send me an email ( Look forward to more consistent but shorter posts!

Okay, so here's my Dad's birthday card. It was a huge disaster. I was up until 5 am the night before I went over for his party and almost gave up entirely. I include some of the messed up parts below. I had to redo the whole thing several times. With glue and sequins everywhere, I thought I may have finally lost my remaining sanity. Anyway, I always love when people post their messes--always reinvigorates me to feel that it's okay to mess up and that everybody does it. Hope this helps you, too, even though we all already knew I'm a clumsy oaf! 

On a more positive note, I've been trying to figure out a more acceptable way to turn a die cut word gold or silver without buying heat embossing supplies and had not had good success with metallic paper which was damaged by the die cut machine. Just using a gold Sharpie worked very well.