Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Inspiration, Part 2: Mini Shakers

Howdy, Everyone. Happy Easter!

Today will be the second post in a series of Easter cards made with the basicgrey Aurora 6 x 6 paper pad and the EK tools Bunny and Egg Punch Set, Mini. Each post has two similar cards and an "extra." 

So, please continue to enjoy my first handmade Easter cards since grade school! 

Today's post shows two cards with mini egg shakers. I saw a card recently with a tiny shaker, and it inspired me. I also include a mid assembly shot. 

Today's extra: A double sided card with patterned bunnies! 

Thanks for looking,


  1. I see my card!! It arrived this week and was a wonderful surprise, balancing out the fellowship rejection I got in the same batch of mail. The shakers are very nifty, and the bas-relief eggs are a great touch.

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry to hear about the rejection. :sending well wishes for future mail batches: