Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Inspiration, Part 1: Inlay

Howdy, Everyone. 

Today will be the first post in a series of Easter cards made with the basicgrey Aurora 6 x 6 paper pad and the EK tools Bunny and Egg Punch Set, Mini. Each post will have two similar cards and an "extra." 

Basically, I couldn't stop! I had way too much fun making these cards. Honestly, I've always especially liked Easter decorations. I love the color palette, and I love the coming of spring, but this probably began in my youth because I used to be obsessed with rabbits. I wanted one very badly, and at one point in time I knew everything about almost every breed. (I have since lost this information to random information about medieval manuscripts, I'm sure.) I also had a large collection of plush rabbits. I think I only let go of my rabbit love when I got my first cat (Kristina Joy Destiny Gypsy Ensor-Cat aka Tina)...oh boy, I'm revealing too much today! It was only in college when I became an art historian and studied Christian art that I really learned about the true meaning of Easter. 

So, please enjoy my first handmade Easter cards since grade school! 

Here, I did some more inlay, making rows of inlaid eggs and creating a little scene with popped up bunnies. 

Today's extra: A simple card with some fun layers. 


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