Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom! and A Belated Valentine

Hello, Readers, 

I wanted to make some paper crafts for my mom's birthday, especially as she is one of my biggest artistic supporters. I made her a card and a journal. For both of these projects I embellished both the insides and the outsides. With the journal I experimented with using foam tape to pop up some of the elements. I am really getting interested in how I can layer paper cuts and create zones and windows. 

This is an image from a large format slide from my grandfather's collection that I recently had scanned. This is now, officially, my favorite picture of my mom ever! Happy Birthday, again, Mom! 

I also made a belated Valentine's Day card. This was my first shaker card, and although I am not super pleased with the end product, I'm proud of myself for trying something a bit more complicated. 


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