Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Book of Lael!

Howdy, Everyone! Today I've got a bit of a holiday medley for you. First, you'll see an image of the Christmas/Holiday card I sent out this year. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a blog post on On the Side after Five detailing how I made the card. After that, you'll see an amazing image/card made by my Big Sis (she'll let me know if she does not wish to remain anonymous!). All of you medievalists out there, I think you'll love it. It just made me super happy. Then, a Christmas comic made by the future comics superstar Charlie. Warning: It is not exactly in keeping with the Christmas spirit, but I choose to read it as a sophisticated comment on the nature of greed and sin...or something! And as an added bonus, some other drawings by Charlie. I just love the alien one! Finally, if you have the stamina to scroll all the way down, I include a poem I wrote for the season...well...season...

That's my grab bag of "treats"! Until next week!


The Twelve Days of Exams at the Library 

On the twelfth day of exams,

My patron gave to me, 
Twelve locker keys missing,
Eleven chargers breaking,
Ten students fine a-paying,
Nine e-books not loading,
Eight bindings detaching,
Seven affiliates a-whining ,
Six undergrads a-recalling,
Five moldy books,
Four ripped pages,
Three bound journals,
Two reserves overdues,
and a lost book in a plastic bag.

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