Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let’s be honest…if you read my comic there is probably a 50% chance you like cats and a 25% chance you are a crazy cat lady…help save my cat’s life!

Hello, faithful readers! For those of you not following my life on Facebook, it’s been a rough week. $1200 and 2 vet trips later, my Carrie has been diagnosed with kidney disease.

So, welcome to the Book of Lael Fundraiser, all proceeds going to the care of Carrie Bearie, my darling kitty (and to help me buy groceries)! Scroll through to see how you can help while at the same time getting some cool stuff and read on to see a special guest comic by my favorite under 10 cartoonist…Charlie (Let’s hope Charlie didn’t have Carrie in mind when he drew his comic…)!

Please support my cat’s medical needs…you can support the Book of Lael at the same time! What a bargain! ;-)

And thanks again to everyone who has been super supportive and helpful in the past week!

Any and all donations will be accepted, but consider the following:

There are still t-shirts available! All t-shirts are $10. If you need a size I don’t have, you can preorder and pay when the next order arrives.

I currently have small, medium, and large t-shirts in both men and women’s cuts.

I also have 1 medium each of my original t-shirts: “Suger in My Coffee” and “Lost Model.”

You can also preorder tote bags!

Now, if you’re not interested in a t-shirt or a tote, how about some art?

You can preorder one of the 2 minicomics I have in the works which will NOT be posted online! $5 each, includes postage!

How about an 8x10 medieval art-themed drawing or a personalized comic or a design for something else you might like (album cover, etc.)? Contact me for more details and to discuss your idea for a piece!

All of the above prices do not include shipping except as noted. I will accept checks and cash, and I have added a paypal button! Let me know if it doesn't work or if you have any trouble with it!

If you order any 2 items, you’ll receive a 10% discount before shipping!!!

Email me at for more details about anything!

Please consider helping my darling kitty!

Now, as promised! Here is your guest comic from the wonderful Charlie! Stay tuned for a regular comic next week! Thanks to everyone!


  1. Kitty Update! Lots of you have been asking about Carrie, so let me fill you in! Her last blood test showed that her kidneys were worse despite treatments. She is now on a new medicine and gets another blood test in 2 weeks. I'm not sure how long she has left, but I'm very happy to have so many great supportive friends. --Lael

  2. Kitty Update! Carrie's most recent blood test showed that her levels have gone down! Her treatments are helping! Let's hope she has awhile left with us!Thanks again, everyone!