Thursday, July 9, 2009

Changes to the Strip

Dear Readers,

In an attempt to improve readability, I have just finished re-posting all of the previous comics, with a few exceptions, with the text redone. All of the text is now a font that looks like my handwriting but hopefully will be more legible. A few comics proved challenging to redo and for the time being, will remain in their original states. If anyone goes back through and notices any typos, please let me know, as my eyes are a bit fuzzy at this point. All future comics will be done in this manner; this also means that there will be more colored text and varying fonts if the situation warrants, as well as more image clean-up since I will already have Photoshop open. In general, I tried to keep the comics exactly the same as they were before, but I did make certain changes for emphasis and added some needed punctuation.